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What’s the Difference between a Townhome and a Condo?

Most people would agree that both condos and townhomes in Pasadena, California make great starter homes for first-time homeowners, and they’re suitable for small families, couples, and single people, too. Even though both also usually require their owners to pay association fees, there are also many differences about which you may be curious, for both renters and owners. What exactly are those differences to look for between condominiums and townhomes?

  1. Home Style – One of the biggest points of difference between a condo and townhome is the general floor plan layout. Oftentimes condos look like standard apartments (except that they are owned and not rented) in that the living space is usually only one floor. On the other hand, townhouses usually will have multiple floors/levels, and there are as many as four townhomes in one unit.
  2. Outdoor Amenities and Features – This usually also means that luxury townhome owners and renters have access to more convenient amenities like private driveways and garages, personal lawns and gardens, and the like. At the opposite end of the spectrum, condo owners will need to share almost everything with all the other condo owners of the unit.
  3. Regulations and Rules – Condos are notorious for very strict property rules, particularly about items that are visible to the rest of the community. Townhouses, on the other hand, often offer their owners less strict regulations, and residents usually enjoy more decorating freedoms. While some people don’t appreciate the strict governance of an association, others prefer it to help keep the property value up while keeping it well-maintained and clean.
  4. Ownership – This is another big difference between a condo and a townhome in Pasadena, CA. When you buy a condo, you’re purchasing one unit that is within a common piece of property; the property is co-owned by the other people who own other condos. You purchase the actual individual living space and a portion of the amenities, property, and land. Basically, you will share everything located on the property with the other owners, from the staircases to the roof. In contrast, if you were to purchase a townhouse, you would take sole ownership of the land, the roof, the stairs, and the amenities. Even though the townhome is part of a community and a community association, each owner has his own living space that he owns.

For the most part, you can take with you the overall idea that with a condo, you’re going to be sharing a lot more with your neighbors than you would with a luxury townhome. Many owners of townhomes appreciate this fact quite a lot – they enjoy owning more than they would with a condo. Consider carefully the pros and cons, as well as which factors suit your preferences, your lifestyle, and your requirements in order to make an informed, sound decision on which is best for yourself.

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