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Why Living in a Townhome Instead of a Single-Family Home is Ideal

When the time comes for you to rent or purchase a home, one of the biggest and first decisions you will have to make is what type of home to choose: a traditional single-family home, a condo, a townhome, etc. There are advantages to each, but it is the townhouse that for many would-be homeowners and renters provides the most benefit. What are those advantages of a townhouse as opposed to a single-family home?

The Community

One of the most obvious differences right off the bat oftentimes is the community. Buying or finding a townhome for rent means you’ll be living within a development with other townhouse owners or renters who share sets of rules that govern the community. There is often a homeowner’s association that oversees the daily goings-on in the community. Single-family homes may also have an association, but many homes do not, as well. While some people don’t enjoy having a homeowner’s association, many people do in order to ensure uniformity and upkeep of the community.


The structural differences between single-family homes and townhomes are fairly straightforward. Single-family homes are just that: built for single families, detached from any other home structure, and is built on its own individual piece of land. In contrast , a townhouse is attached to at least one other similar-looking home, sharing at least one common wall. Townhouses are often found around urban cores, making them located oftentimes in very convenient areas.

Rent and Purchase Price

As you may have already suspected, the price to buy or rent a townhouse is usually less than it is for a detached single-family home in the same location with similar square footage and features. Many people who are looking for a first-time home or are searching for a home with which they can enjoy the benefits of a homeowner’s association often search out townhomes. Many luxury townhomes for rent in Pasadena, CA today rival elaborate single-family homes and provide the benefits that many homeowners are searching for; contact us today and discover your next luxury townhome in Pasadena.

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