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Apartment Tours 101: What To Look For

How to Make the Most Out of Your Apartment Tour

Apartment hunting can feel more like a marathon than a sprint. Chances are that you’re going to see dozens of different units over a short period of time. Every time you make a stop and take a tour of another apartment, you have to be vigilant and aggressive. Taking a quick peek at the space isn’t enough. You can’t afford to skimp over the important details. Apartment buildings can easily deceive you, often hiding unattractive elements in a sea of paperwork and superficial features. If you’re looking for Pasadena apartments for rent, take a look at our apartment tour guide to see all of the items you need to consider before signing a lease.

What’s Does the Rent Include?

When shopping for apartments in Pasadena, the term “rent” can be misleading. You need to make things crystal clear before you sign on the dotted line. What does your rent include? Some apartment buildings will include parking, access to amenities, and utilities including water, heat, and electricity. But many do not. If you don’t ask questions on the tour, you could end up paying several hundred dollars more each month than what was advertised.

Does Pet-Friendly Mean that Pets Are Free?

Having a pet can make your apartment search more complicated. While there are plenty of pet-friendly apartments in Pasadena, CA, some of them will be happy to charge you a hidden fee for having a pet. Living with a pet can cost you up to several hundred dollars a month in some apartment communities. If you have a pet, you also need to be aware of any breed or weight restrictions for certain animals. Seeing the words “pet-friendly” can be misleading. Be clear and upfront with your realtor or tour guide and make sure that there aren’t any hidden fees hiding in plain sight.

Where Do I Park and Can I Bring a Friend?

Parking can be a nightmare in some communities. If you park in the wrong space or if you’re even just slightly over the white line, your neighbors might have a field day. Some Pasadena, California apartments can fine you for the tiniest mistakes. Talk to the tour guide to learn as much about parking as possible. Are the spaces assigned or is it a free-for-all? Can your friend park in the same lot? If not, are there any additional spaces nearby? Parking is extremely important, especially in Southern California. Learn the details before you make any rash decisions.

Are There Any Limits on Amenities?

Apartment communities love showing off their elaborate amenity packages. But before you commit to an apartment because of the pool or the fitness center, make sure that you can actually access these features. Some amenities have strict schedules are can only be used at certain times. If you get home from work every night at 8pm after the pool is closed, there’s really no point. Other communities may charge extra for certain perks. Make sure that you can actually enjoy these features before you say “yes” to anything.

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